Harvard Medical School* * * Researchers Uncover…

The Strange “Peacemaker Protein” that Stops Your Body From
Destroying its Own Joints...

In as Quickly as 7 Seconds Each Day!

If you want to finally enjoy lasting relief from the pain in your sore, stiff, painful joints…

And regain the effortless mobility you had in your youth…

Then join me on a quick trip across the Atlantic…

This is Barcelona, Spain.

It’s widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on Earth.


More than 86 years ago…

This wonderful city spiraled into chaos and pure destruction…

With its own citizens fighting against one another during one of the bloodiest civil wars of all time.

But I’m not here to give you a history lesson.

The reason I’m telling you this is because…

According to shocking, cutting-edge research from Duke University School of Medicine1*** and Harvard Medical School2***

There’s an Equally Devastating
Civil War
Taking Place Inside Your
Body Right Now.

And a growing mountain of evidence published in prestigious medical journals is showing that the nasty joint-swelling inflammation and destructive cartilage breakdown which lead to joint pain

AREN’T actually due to aging, or wear and tear.

But instead…

Your joint pain is caused by this “civil war” taking place inside your body.


Your body’s natural defense system, designed to protect you from viruses, pathogens, and other foreign invaders…

Is Incorrectly Identifying Your
Own Joints as THE ENEMY…

And launching an all-out assault
on them.

Targeting your neck, back, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, shoulders, knees, ankles, feet and wherever else you currently feel joint pain.

These attacks cause a vicious cycle of pain and inflammation…

Which can turn even simple, everyday movements into a living nightmare.

That’s why your joints continue to ache.

The ongoing attacks by your own body…

Lead to a Condition that
Experts are Now Calling
“Leaky Joint Syndrome”.

This explains why NONE of the common pain
solutions you’ve tried in the past have ever given
you lasting relief.

You know the usual suspects:

The addictive and dangerous opioids…
The over-the-counter anti-inflammatories…
The topical creams, CBD oils, and
roll-on gels…

Even “natural supplements” like turmeric, glucosamine and hydrolyzed collagen.

If you’ve tried any of those before…

I bet you were likely frustrated, and disappointed.

And NOW we know why…

Because they don’t do anything to address the actual underlying cause of painful joints.


They Only Deal With the SYMPTOMS
of Your Joint Problem — Symptoms Like Pain and Stiffness.

This means they might offer temporary relief,
but MASKS the actual problem.

Which is like bringing a broom into a war zone…

And attempting to sweep up while the enemy is still dropping bombs.

Obviously, that’s not going to get you very far.

If you want true, lasting relief…

You need to END the war…

And get your body to STOP attacking your joints so they can FINALLY heal.


The smart scientists at Harvard Medical School have found a simple solution. 3

They’ve Identified a Strange “Peacemaker Protein”…

Which contains a unique
triple helix structure
that allows
it to slip into your body undetected and deactivate its faulty defense system.

In other words…

This “Peacemaker Protein”...

Which has been PROVEN effective across multiple clinical studies…

STOPS your body from attacking your joints...

Putting a swift end to the vicious cycle of pain and inflammation.

That means…

  • You no longer have to grit your teeth, just to get out of bed in the morning.
  • You no longer have to struggle to perform basic tasks like getting dressed, climbing off the couch, walking up the stairs, or picking up groceries to cook dinner.
  • You’re no longer doomed to living a life DOMINATED by pain.

You can Go Back to
Enjoying Simple Pleasures.

Like taking relaxing strolls around the neighborhood with your spouse…

Or doing the things that bring you pure joy…

Like gardening…
Or golfing…
Or playing with your grandkids.

Because Life is WAY
Too Short…

And your golden years are WAY
too precious to WASTE… Suffering on the sidelines.

Now… thanks to this latest breakthrough in joint repair…

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a healthy, happy and active life, as you go into your 80s or beyond.

Because this “Peacemaker Protein” has the power to give your life
BACK to you…

The life you enjoyed BEFORE the pain took over.

And even though you’ve likely NEVER heard of it before…

This breakthrough discovery has ALREADY given THOUSANDS of seniors and joint pain sufferers a second chance to live pain-free.

It’s been a dream come true for people like Pam…

Her emails to me reminded me exactly WHY I do what I do.

She mentioned that I could share them with you.

Here’s what Pam had to say:

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough…

Pam wrote to me again, a few days later.

I can’t tell you how many times I get emails like these…

They almost always bring tears to my eyes.

And unlike the prescription pain pills or shady supplements you may have tried before…

This Peacemaker Protein is
Safe, Natural, and Actually
GOOD For You.

  • So you don’t have to worry about getting “addicted”...
  • Or experiencing side effects that make you feel sick…
  • Or damaging your heart or liver—with some of the dangerous pills you’d pick up at the pharmacy.

Plus, This Peacemaker Protein

You can STOP your body’s own attacks…

Silence the nagging aches and persistent pain…

And actually start REPAIRING your joints…

At home… with just 7 daily seconds.

That means…

No expensive
doctor visits.
No risky surgeries.
No ineffective
physical therapy.
No more useless
over-the-counter treatments.
No more feeling like a burden or relying on anyone else for help.

Because now, you can get ALL the soothing relief you need — in the comfort of your home.

So make sure you read this page all the way to the end…

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to use this latest breakthrough…

To keep your body healthy, limber, and pain-free — at ANY age.

But before I dive into all the exciting details, let me tell you who I am, and how I came across this life-changing discovery.

Hi, my name is
Kevin Richardson**.

I’m one of the world’s leading
independent medical health researchers.

For the past 21 years…

I’ve dedicated my life to digging through scientific studies and medical journals…

To uncover the treatments and solutions that Big Pharma has suppressed and refuses to shine a light on.

I take immense joy and deep satisfaction in my work.

And I’m really proud of the fact that my numerous discoveries…

Have provided relief and new hope to over 86,191 people.

People whom the greedy medical industry has failed to properly care for.

You may have seen some of my groundbreaking findings featured in publications like…

Over the years, I’ve helped clients with everything from optimizing their sleep to lowering their risk of heart attacks.

But my MAIN focus…

The concern that’s dearest to my heart…

Has ALWAYS Been About
Helping Good People Like
You Get Lasting Relief From Chronic Pain.

Part of that is because pain hits
especially close to home for me.

I’ve seen the devastating effects of joint pain in my own family…

With my very own mother.

I watched her go from being this unstoppable superwoman who raised me…

To barely being able to get out of bed because of debilitating pain in her hands, hips, knees, and back.

It INFURIATED me to watch…

As she desperately cried out for help.

She wasted hours upon hours waiting in different doctor’s offices…

Only to have some rushed physician come in, write her a prescription…

And send her home to suffer.

Sadly, that’s All Most
Doctors Know How to Do.

They’re glorified drug dealers…

Whose goal is to get you in and out of their office as quickly as possible…

So they can squeeze more patients into their day and bill the maximum number of insurance companies.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m sure there are some doctors with good hearts who actually care…

But most of them don’t think twice about the devastating and potentially lethal long-term effects of the pills they prescribe4.

And very few will EVER take the time to find out the REAL reasons behind your achy joints.


Watching my mother’s growing frustration each time a doctor coldly dismissed her pain was all the inspiration I needed.

It Sent Me on a Mission to
Search Relentlessly For the
Real Cause of Joint Pain…

And to become a true authority who understands chronic pain at a level most doctors will never even come close to.

And I’m proud to say…

I’ve accomplished that mission.

Because I’ve made several discoveries in the last decade…

That have provided comfort and relief to THOUSANDS of pain sufferers around the world, including my own mother…

Who have felt betrayed and left behind by the mainstream medical industry. I’m happy to say…

Mom just turned 74 this year, and is absolutely thriving.

She has no more
morning struggles.

And springs out of bed by 7.30 am on most days, with the grace of a jungle cat to tend to her beautiful backyard garden.

By noon, she’s usually cooking for her neighbors.

Which is something she always loved doing when I was growing up. Because it brings her joy and gives her life meaning and purpose.

I’m so proud to have helped her get her life back.

But as much as I love my mother…

This page isn’t about her.

It’s About Helping YOU
Put an End to YOUR Pain…

So YOU can get YOUR life back.

And I can honestly say…

The secrets I’m about to share with you today…

Are BY FAR the most important discoveries I’ve EVER made in my entire medical research career.

In fact, this discovery caused me to question everything I’d thought I knew about joint pain…

And opened up a new world of hope for those who had GIVEN UP on ever finding lasting relief.

Because for decades…

We had Been Told that Joint Pain is Caused by Aging, and Wear and Tear.

The theory is that by living our lives…

We overuse our joints and wear down the cartilage in them.

And as our cartilage becomes damaged…

Our bodies become stiff and painful.

That’s the conventional belief which mainstream medicine promotes as fact.

But after conducting years of in-depth research, I found a major problem with that theory.

Over the past 20+ years of obsessively studying joint pain…

I’ve seen hundreds of X-rays and MRIs…

Of lifelong athletes, marathon runners and Ironman competitors…

Who have worn their cartilage down to the point where you can’t even SEE any left.

They call this “bone on bone” in the medical world…

Because without enough cartilage, your joint bones are virtually sitting on top of each other.

Yet, despite their lack of cartilage…

Many of These Athletes are
Still ACTIVELY Competing in
Marathons and Triathlons…

With ZERO physical pain.

Then there are other people who aren’t NEARLY as active…

Who have MUCH more cartilage in
their joints and way less visible “wear and tear”…

Yet they struggle to take showers,
climb stairs, brush their teeth, and tie
their shoelaces.

Why is this so? Well…

Some of the world’s smartest health scientists from Duke University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School have figured it out.

Their findings were published in The Journal of Rheumatology5*** and the Harvard Health Letter.6

And they concluded that…

It’s NOT joint usage or wear
and tear
that causes crippling
joint pain.

It’s Your Body’s RESPONSE to that Wear and Tear that Causes the Problems.

This is often seen in well-known joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis…

But it’s ALSO seen in people who have never been clinically diagnosed with either of those conditions…

Who, nevertheless, suffer from the SAME debilitating joint pain.

In fact, this inflammatory response is so common among chronic pain sufferers…

Some experts have even given
this condition its own name:

“Leaky Joint Syndrome”.

And since there’s a high chance Leaky Joint Syndrome is at the root of YOUR pain…

Especially if you haven’t been able to find any relief from that pain, let me expain how it works.

As you walk…
Or run…
Or bend…
or lift things…
Or merely use
your joints from
day to day…

Some of the cartilage in your joints is going to erode over time.

That’s the famous “wear and tear” we’ve all heard about.

It’s normal, pretty much unavoidable and by itself…

Not necessarily a big deal.

Because it’s usually a slow process...

So your body has time to repair and replace the damaged cartilage.


The Way Your Body
RESPONDS to This Wear
and Tear
Can Be a VERY
Big Problem.

Because as your cartilage breaks down into small pieces…

The collagen fibers that make up your body’s cartilage tissue…

Chip away like paint on the corner of a desk.

These microscopic collagen fragments that have broken free from your cartilage disperse, and end up “leaking” from your joints.

Again, by itself…

This is basically harmless. But here’s where the issues come in:

Your body has a built-in
security system...

With special “surveillance cells”
that basically patrol it, looking for foreign substances.

These cells are an important part of your body’s immunity.

They prevent you from getting sick, by protecting you from the trillions of bacteria and virus particles we all breathe in daily.

But as important as these surveillance cells are…


They don’t like to take any chances. So whenever they identify anything strange…

They immediately launch an all-out ATTACK so your immune system can destroy any threats before you get sick.

That’s great for dealing with viruses...

But pretty terrible for joint pain.

Because it means that every time any tiny little piece of collagen chips away from your joint cartilage…

And “leaks” from your joints…

These surveillance cells start freaking out.

They don’t waste ANY time to figure out what it is — and whether it’s an actual threat…

They just know that it doesn’t belong there…

So They Start Thinking of
Your OWN
Joint Collagen as

They sound the alarms…

And order your immune cells to ATTACK this leaking collagen — and the joints surrounding them.

Which is bad…

Because these cell attacks tend to cause WAY more joint damage than normal wear and tear.

According to Heidi Godman, the executive editor of the
Harvard Health Letter…

“[These inflammatory attacks by the immune system] can damage cartilage, bones, tendons (which attach muscle to bones), or ligaments (which hold joints together); irritate nerves; and produce a long list of symptoms, including pain, swelling, and stiffness. The joint damage may be progressive and irreversible.”7

And the worst part is…

These attacks START a vicious cycle.

Because as inflammation spreads throughout your joints like a heat-seeking missile…

The damage causes MORE collagen fibers to leak from your joints…

Triggering yet ANOTHER attack.

Before you know it…

There’s a full-blown civil war being fought INSIDE your body.

Your Joints Are Under
CONSTANT Attack From Your Body’s
Own Immune System.

Damaging ALL your cartilage, your bones, and their surrounding tissue…

Leaving you in constant discomfort, and very often, devastating pain and as long as these attacks continue…

No amount of pain pills or nutritional supplements is EVER going to provide lasting relief.

Because these inflammatory attacks cause damage FASTER than your body can possibly repair your joints.

So if you want to
silence the pain…
Rebuild your joints…
And regain
your mobility…

The FIRST Thing You Have to
Do is to END These Assaults…

And STOP your body from attacking your joints.

The sooner the attacks cease, the sooner the pain ends.

Pretty simple, right?

So, are you ready for the good news?

Because the smart folks at
Harvard Medical School have figured out a quick and easy way to STOP these attacks.

They’ve Identified a
Strange “Peacemaker Protein”...

That has a special triple
helix structure.

Which allows it to slip into your body undetected…

And reprogram your body’s defense system to STOP attacking your own joints.

Basically when you consume this special protein, it passes through your stomach…

And sneaks into your intestines…

Where your body’s surveillance cells work from. And because of its special triple
helix structure…

Which is the KNOWN structure of your body’s own healthy collagen…

These Cells Begin to
This “Peacemaker Protein” as an Ally
— Instead of a Dangerous Invader.

But it gets better…

Because here’s where the magic happens…

Since these surveillance cells are able to take a close look at this peacemaker protein and study its form…

The next time your body’s own collagen starts leaking from your joints…

These cells tell your immune system:

That’s one of ours.”

So instead of sending in the ATTACK FORCE…

These cells send in the MEDICS to actually help REPAIR your cartilage…

So you can begin reversing your joint damage…

And enjoy smooth, effortless, pain-free movements again.

I know… It sounds SO simple.

But don’t let this distract you from the POWER of this protein.

Because there are DOZENS of clinical studies…

That prove this ISN’T just some
theory that “sounds good”.

It’s ACTUALLY Effective
in the Real World.

First, Italian scientists from the University of Florence tested this peacemaker protein on rats that were suffering from osteoarthritis8a widespread cause of joint pain.

They provided these rats with this protein for 13 days…

And gave them paw pressure tests on Day 14 to gauge their pain levels.

Well, according to the results…

Not only did the peacemaker protein reduce the physical pain of the test rats…

And make their joints LESS sensitive…

But it actually SLOWED DOWN the degradation of their natural collagen.

In Other Words, in Just 14 Days,
This Peacemaker Protein STOPPED Their Osteoarthritis in its Tracks9

And that’s cool…

But you’re probably saying,

“I’m NOT a rat.”

Well, after seeing such promising results…

Other scientists from top universities across the globe began testing this peacemaker protein in human trials.

And the results were even MORE impressive.

A recent Brazilian study10 showed that seniors between the ages of 60 and 80…

Who were suffering from joint pain in their knees…

Took this peacemaker protein…

And experienced significant pain relief, reductions in stiffness, and improvements in quality of life — within just 30 days.

And by the 90-day mark, the protein group had reduced their daily pain by 55%...

Allowing many of them to go back to doing the daily activities they hadn’t been able to partake in for YEARS.

A second study from the Creighton University Medical Center11* * * gave this peacemaker protein to women between the ages of 58 and 78, over a period of 42 days…

And also reported:

Significant reductions in overall pain.

Less joint stiffness in the morning, and after rest.

Reductions in joint inflammation and swelling

An increase in their range of motion.

A third study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences12* * * showed that joint pain sufferers who were given this same protein for 90 days…

Experienced significant reductions in pain as well as considerable enhancement in daily activities — that is, an improvement in their quality of life.

In fact, this protein group experienced over 259% MORE
pain relief…

And 333% greater improvements in joint function.

These results were FAR greater than the improvements seen in the control group…

Who Were Treated with
Common Joint Health Supplements Glucosamine
and Chondroitin.

The difference in the results between
both groups was truly amazing…

But it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to you.

Because this peacemaker protein is the ONLY treatment we’ve seen that specifically STOPS your body from attacking its own joints.

And ANYONE suffering from joint pain
is almost guaranteed relief
, when they add this peacemaker protein to their
daily routine.

It doesn’t matter if you have full-blown arthritis, or if you’re otherwise healthy.

This solution works for everyone; not just people with certain conditions.

It doesn’t matter if your pain is caused by injury, illness, or normal wear and tear…

This Peacemaker Protein
Helps With ALL Joint Pain…

And the MOST impressive study on this
protein comes from Harvard Medical School13.

During a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study…

60 patients who were suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis were given either the peacemaker protein or a placebo.

Some of these people had completely
given up hope on EVER finding relief from their pain.

Yet, not only did the patients who had been given the peacemaker protein observe a significant reduction in joint swelling and tenderness…

But in less than 3 months…

Several of them given the “Peacemaker Protein” showed a complete REVERSAL of their joint pain.

Their Condition was GONE.

Which meant…

The peacemaker protein not only STOPPED their bodies from attacking their joints…

It even assisted in
HEALING their joints.

Amazing, right?

By now, you’re probably wondering what this peacemaker protein actually is.


It’s a very specific kind
of collagen called
Type II Collagen.

But before you start thinking…

“Oh, I’ve taken collagen before…”

There’s a VERY important difference to note:

Most of the Collagen
on the Market Today

This basically means it’s
cut up into small peptides.

And its purpose is to try to replace our body’s collagen as it degrades. But that’s NOT the smartest approach to take...

Because it’s NOT a lack of collagen that causes our joint pain. It’s the fact that our body recognizes our leaking collagen as foreign invaders…

And starts attacking our joints.

So introducing more of this “enemy collagen” into your body obviously ISN’T going to help.

In fact, it’s likely to have the OPPOSITE effect:

  • It’s going to make your body’s defense system even MORE active...
  • Triggering FURTHER joint attacks…
  • And causing even WORSE damage.

NOT what you want.

But this Peacemaker
Protein Works in a Very Different Way.

It doesn’t care about “trying to replace your collagen”.

Its ONLY job is get your body to STOP attacking your joints. And for it to do that…

The collagen can’t be HYDROLYZED.

It can’t be broken up into tiny pieces…

Because that triggers an immune response.

The Peacemaker Protein
has to Remain WHOLE.

It HAS to maintain its
signature triple helix form…

Which allows it to pass into your intestines undetected…

To befriend your body’s surveillance cells...

So they STOP attacking your joints.

Its triple helix structure is the KEY to making this protein effective.

If this structure is altered in ANY way…

The peacemaker protein can lose its efficacy, or even become counterproductive.

So once I understood the importance of all that…

And how this special type of collagen is the ONLY proven way to stop your body from attacking your joints…

I gathered ALL my research…

Hundreds and hundreds of pages of clinical studies…

And Took it to My Product
Formulation Team at N-Labs.

N-Labs is the ONLY supplement manufacturer I’ve worked with for the past 20 years…

Because they have truly impeccable standards when it comes to product quality and purity.

And every time I presented them with indisputable scientific findings…

They took EVERY measure possible to turn those research findings into world-class formulations that give people REAL
relief, and deliver them from their
health issues.

They have also built some incredible relationships with the BEST and most trustworthy suppliers on the planet…

So if anyone can get their hands on premium, hard-to-find, almost-impossible-to-produce ingredients—it’s the team at N-Labs.

And I knew that…

There was ZERO Room
to Cut Any Corners...

With something as
important and
delicate as this peacemaker protein.

Because like I said…

Even the SLIGHTEST deviation from its original triple helix structure REMOVES its pain-stopping power.


Within Days, the Team at N‑Labs Connected Me with Bioiberica.

They’re a global life science company with over
45 years
of experience…

And they literally specialize in identifying and extracting molecules that have therapeutic value.

Many of the world’s top pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies RELY on Bioiberica…

Because of their exclusive technology, and their specialized extraction processes that are able to carefully preserve delicate nutrients…

WITHOUT damaging them.

And Bioiberica is the world’s
#1 most trusted supplier of
Collavant n2® — a native Type II Collagen, aka the
peacemaker protein.

Their headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain…

Which is pretty incredible, when you think about it...

Because the same city that had played a major role in one of the most devastating civil wars of all time…

Was about to play an even BIGGER role in helping to end the civil war inside YOUR body.

So our team flew out to Barcelona to present our findings, and to meet with the product engineers at Bioiberica.

And what they showed me that day…

Blew my mind.

Bioiberica Walked Us
Their Strictly-Controlled Proprietary Extraction Process…

Which allows them to extract
peacemaker protein from chicken sternums…

While completely protecting the integrity of this protein’s signature triple helix structure.

It’s a truly FLAWLESS removal process…

That’s been verified by microscopic reviews.

And because this extraction process is so dialed in…

It ensures that they’re able to protect all the biologically-active nutrients within the protein…

Allowing it to enter your body to STOP the war on your joints.

This Peacemaker Protein
is So Effective…

Because it’s basically identical to
the NATURAL collagen you’ll find in your joints...

So you only need to take TINY doses of it
in order to get the desired effect…

Which makes it both convenient and extremely cost-effective.

After our meeting, we knew we had
found the BEST possible supplier of
Type II collagen…

Which would allow us to bring its pain-stopping power to the public.

But as excited as we were…

We didn’t stop there.

My Team at N-Labs Took
Things a Step FURTHER.

Because whilst the peacemaker protein is able to STOP your body from attacking your joints, and offers soothing relief…

Simply ending a war doesn’t magically get rid of all the destruction it has already caused.

After the fighting has stopped…

You often need to
clean up and REBUILD.

So the N-Labs team and I spent MONTHS conducting extensive research…

Figuring out how we could make this peacemaker protein even MORE effective.

We Discovered that We were
Able to Achieve this by COMBINING it With OTHER Proven Joint Protectors.

So after the peacemaker
protein solves your Leaky Joint Syndrome and stops your body
from attacking itself…

These other ingredients will swoop in…

To soothe your joints, and speed up the recovery process.

The result is a truly amazing formula…

That’s unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever tried in the past.

We came up with different combinations…

And ran extensive tests on our private VIP clients.

Well, following months of testing…

A CLEAR Winner Emerged.

After we witnessed the amazing, consistent,
and life-saving pain relief that this winning formula could provide…

We knew we were fully ready to share it with the public. So now it’s my absolute honor to introduce you to this life-changing product.

It’s Called Flexafen !

And it’s the ONLY full-spectrum pain relief formula EVER released…

That specifically targets Leaky Joint Syndrome…

And STOPS your body from attacking its own joints.

That’s what makes Flexafen™ different.

This breakthrough formula will soothe your aching joints…

And silence your chronic pain…

Faster and More Easily than Any Other Joint Solution You’ve Ever Tried.

Because within seconds
of taking a single
easy-to-swallow capsule
of Flexafen

The efficacious formula will work its way down to your digestive tract…

Where the unique peacemaker protein with the triple helix structure will:

  • Calm your body’s defenses…
  • End the vicious attacks…
  • And provide soothing relief to your joints—whilst healing them.

Many people who’ve taken this formula started to feel free from pain in as quickly as 5 days.

Every Capsule of Flexafen
Contains 40 Milligrams of
Collavant n2® Collagen.

That’s pure, undenatured Type II collagen…
Also known as the peacemaker protein.

And you’re getting the highest-quality form of Type II collagen, thanks to Bioiberica’s flawless extraction process.

Plus, you’re getting a clinically-effective concentration of Type II collagen in Flexafen™ — the SAME amount that resulted in such amazing pain relief in all the studies I talked about earlier.

That’s important…

Because with something this crucial to your health…

We can’t AFFORD to take any chances.

We Want to ENSURE
You Get the
Expected Results…

So we didn’t mess around with any variables.

We didn’t compromise on the quality of Type II collagen in Flexafen™.

As I mentioned, our supplier uses their precise extraction technology…

To ensure that the signature triple helix form of this pain-stopping collagen is preserved…

And all its nutrients are biologically active.

In other words, we aren’t
taking ANY chances with this peacemaker protein.

It will do its job...

And you’re going to be amazed at how much sweet relief you’ll experience once this peacemaker protein calls off your body’s
attack force…

And allows the healing process to begin.

But of course…

Our Goal is to Make This
Healing Process as Quick and
Powerful as it Can Be.

So besides Collavant n2® Collagen…

Every serving of Flexafen™ ALSO contains
100 milligrams of AprèsFlex® Boswellia
Serrata Extract.

This is a PATENTED synergistic blend of proprietary extracts that come from the sacred Boswellia plant.

This plant grows in the dry mountainous regions of India and North Africa…

And for thousands of years…

It was often traded alongside gold and ivory…

Because of its unique healing powers.

But we didn’t add this powerful extract to Flexafen™ based on any urban legends.

We Added it
Because of

And not only is AprèsFlex® the most bioavailable form of Boswellia on the market…

Thanks, yet again, to our incredible friends at Bioiberica…

But THREE separate, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies14 15

Have also shown that AprèsFlex® DRAMATICALLY reduces pain, stiffness, and inflammation…

Providing Life-Altering Relief
in as Quickly as
5 Days.

Part of this is because AprèsFlex® is able to lower MMP-3 levels.

MMP-3 is a destructive enzyme in your body that breaks down cartilage, collagen, and connective tissue.

So by tackling MMP-3, AprèsFlex® preserves your joints and gives them time to repair.

But here’s the best part:

Adding AprèsFlex® to Flexafen™ allows us to create TRUE,
joint-repairing SYNERGY…

Since AprèsFlex® is shown to be even MORE effective, when it’s combined with our Collavant n2® Collagen.16

These two stellar ingredients have literally been PROVEN to strengthen each other…

As such, this combination works fast, and provides immense pain relief…

All without any adverse effects.

With this powerful combination alone…

Flexafen would ALREADY be the
Most Effective Joint Health Supplement on the Market.

But it’s not enough to just be the best OPTION, we want to give you the best POSSIBLE relief...

And that’s why we enhanced our formula by adding 4 other
science-backed pain fighters.

To Increase Flexafen ’s
Pain-Combating Prowess…

We added MSM…

Which was featured in the medical journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage7

Because of its ability to significantly reduce joint pain and swelling in adults between the ages of 40 and 76…

Without any adverse effects.

Then we added
Sodium Hyaluronate…

A more efficient form of Hyaluronic Acid18 that penetrates more deeply…

  • To reduce inflammation in your joints…
  • Restore lubrication to dehydrated joints…
  • And even promote the synthesis of NEW cartilage.

After that, we added White Willow Bark
Extract 4:119

A POWERFUL natural pain reliever known to help silence:

Chronic lower
back pain
Joint pain
Muscle pain
Osteoarthritic pain

Without the side effects that accompany drugs like aspirin, and other anti-inflammatories.

And finally…

To make sure we REALLY over-deliver…

We completed this
life-changing formula by adding Boron20

A naturally-occurring mineral that:

  • Reduces inflammation-causing enzymes21
  • Soothes painful joints
  • Eases stiffness
  • Stimulates healthy bone growth and cartilage regeneration

As you can see…

We left no stone unturned.

Not only is Flexafen™ specifically formulated with the peacemaker protein to prevent your body from attacking your joints…

But after it stops the assault…

The OTHER powerful ingredients in Flexafen™ will step in to provide ALL the healing power you need to put your pain behind you.

You’ve seen the studies…

You’ve Seen How the
Ingredients in Flexafen Can Help
With Everything:

Lubricating your joints…
Regenerating cartilage…
Reducing inflammation…
Promoting healthy bone growth…
Relieving muscle pain…

And so much more.

Simply put…

Flexafen™ gives you ALL the support you need to put your pain problems behind you for good…

So you can go back to actually ENJOYING life…

Instead of simply trying to make it through each day.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Listen to the Thousands
and Thousands of Folks Who’ve Changed Their Lives With Flexafen :

“I am on Day 9 and
I truly can’t believe it…”

“I have had knee problems for years, due to standing on concrete floors for 45 years. I have even had a partial knee replacement, and I swear it hurts more now than before I got it done.

They want to do the other knee and I refuse to allow it. The pain and end results are not worth it.

I cannot take any anti-inflammatory meds (Ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin or anything similar).

I have tried just about everything.

This is the only solution I have found that actually works.

If you’re looking for a miracle drug—well, it doesn't exist. But for me, this has taken me from not being able to climb the stairs without being in agony, to walking 2 miles, 3 times—this week alone.

I am on Day 9 of using this and I truly can't believe it.”

- Peter Smith, 67 (Texas)

“I’ve been taking this for 6 months and WOW…”

“I have been taking this for about 6 months, and it’s the only thing that’s helped with my knee pain—35 years after my ACL surgery, and from old age kicking in. It took 1–2 weeks to work, BUT what a difference.

I normally do not write positive recommendations—unless the product really works.

Insurance denied me gel shots and the shot I got on my own wore off after 3–4 months, so this has become my one thing to use.

It is a natural remedy—instead of something that masks the pain.”

- Susan McDonald, 71 (Missouri)

“I feel like I have new knees!”

“My knees had been terrible and I was hesitant to try a supplement after having injections, but I wanted to avoid any knee replacements.

After reading the reviews, I thought I’d try it.

I can’t thank you enough for this product. I feel like I have new knees!

It took about 10 days or so for me to notice a difference. I’ve been taking it every day since—and I can walk much more easily, and I don’t have the soreness, achiness, etc I used to have.

It’s unbelievable.

I don’t know if I will have to have any replacements eventually, but by taking this product, I can put that thought on the back burner.

This is the only non-prescription item I have tried that really works.”

- Ken Martin, 75 (Florida)

You’re probably a bit nervous…

After learning about the powerful ingredients in Flexafen™, and seeing the impressive results folks are experiencing…

Because you know that all of these ingredients are of the highest quality, and absolutely pure…

Plus, they come from the most trustworthy sources and suppliers.

So You Must Be
Wondering How Much is
This Going to Cost?

Well, the good news is a
lot less than you think.
And more importantly…

A lot less than it’s WORTH to you.

Because Flexafen™ isn’t just a supplement.

It’s a doorway to a NEW life.

A life where you can actually RELAX…

Because you don’t have to worry about taking “one bad step”...

And having it send a jolt of crippling pain throughout your body.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

To actually be able to MOVE like you’re 25 years old again…

Without always having to brace yourself for the painful consequences.

Think about it…

How many years do you have
left on this earth?

20? 30? 40?

Don’t You Want to Actually
ENJOY Those Years…

As your happiest, healthiest, most active self?

How long has it been since you felt that way?

How many MEMORIES are you missing out on…

Because your crippling pain leaves you unable to make any plans?

The walks.
The dinners.
The golf outings.
The vacations.
The playdates with your grandkids.

What’s it worth to be able to get all that back?

To feel like YOU again.

The real you. The BEST you.

Not the version of you whose life has been STOLEN by pain.

But the active and fun version of you — the person you used to be, in your youth.

As Someone Who Has Watched
My Own Mother
Deal With
Excruciating Pain
for Years…

I would’ve paid ANYTHING
to help her escape that sad fate.

I mean, I literally spent decades of my life…

And tens of thousands of dollars in research to help her—and others like her—get better.

Because I know what living in constant pain does to a person.

It doesn’t just hurt you physically, it robs you of your sense of self...

To the point where you can’t even recognize the person you see in the mirror.

Flexafen Allows You to
Escape All That. To Break Free From Your Pain.

What’s that worth to you?

Easily a few thousand dollars, no?

I mean… people pay $30,000 just to get a knee replacement.

And not only is that kind of surgery dangerous…

But it also comes with a long and miserable recovery.

And that’s IF everything goes as planned.

So, considering that Flexafen™ can help you overcome your pain…

  • In the comfort of your own home…
  • In as quickly as 7 seconds each day...

I’d say that it’s easily worth a few thousand dollars.

Of course, Flexafen™ isn’t going to cost you anywhere NEAR what it’s actually worth.

Even though Flexafen™ is loaded with science-backed ingredients of the highest possible levels of purity and potency…

We made sure to give Flexafen™ an affordable price tag.

This way, anyone who needs relief… can GET relief.

So We Decided to Price Flexafen
at the Ridiculously Low Price of Just $89 a Bottle.

That’s our regular price.

And if you leave this page, then come back and order from our website later…

That’s the price you’ll likely have to pay.

BUT, since you’re here right now still reading THIS page…

That’s NOT the price you’ll have to pay.

I’m going to give you an opportunity now, on THIS page…

To try Flexafen™ risk-free, at a MASSIVE discount.

Instead of paying $89 a bottle…

I’m Giving You the Chance to Grab a Single Bottle of Flexafen for Just $49.

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle

That’s literally more than 50% off your first bottle of Flexafen™.

But don’t click that order button just yet.

Because while ordering a single bottle of Flexafen™ is enough to help you control your pain for a month…

The LAST thing I want is for you to try Flexafen™…

Silence your pain…

Get all the relief you’ve been PRAYING for, finally…

But then, just as you’re getting used to your new pain-free life…

Just When You’re Reminded of How Much Better Life Was, Before the Pain…

You run OUT of Flexafen.

Your joints start to degrade again and you’re right back where you’d started.

I would hate to see that happen to you.

That would be absolutely BRUTAL.

But unfortunately, it could actually happen.

Because as hard as we TRY to keep Flexafen™ in stock at all times…

It’s NOT always a realistic possibility.

Remember: We don’t cut corners.

Flexafen™ only contains science-backed ingredients in their highest-quality form, and in research-based, clinically-effective concentrations.

And sadly, it isn’t always easy to KEEP Flexafen™ in stock.

Especially now that we’re out of our extensive testing period—and actually offering Flexafen™ to the public.

As the testimonials continue to roll in during the upcoming weeks…

Flexafen is Most Likely
Going to Become Harder and Harder to Obtain.

So while I’d LOVE to tell
you that you can simply
a bottle today…

Then order more in a month’s time, when you run out…

That might not even be an option.

And once we run out of stock—which I sadly expect…

It could take us weeks, or even months, before we get more Flexafen™ in stock.

Which means you’ll have to go weeks or months WITHOUT the soothing pain relief you’ll have gotten used to.

That’s why very few of our customers order just 1 bottle of Flexafen™.

They don’t want to risk running out of it.

In fact, many of our customers actually
3 bottles of Flexafen at a time.

Which is a smart move because it secures your supply for 90 days.

And when you order 3 bottles,
it DROPS your per-bottle price to just $39...

Which is less than HALF of the regular price.

But our SMARTEST customers…

Those who want to enjoy the BIGGEST possible savings and the longest-lasting pain relief…

Order 6 bottles of Flexafen™ at a time.

That way, they’re eligible for our LOWEST possible price of just $33 per bottle.

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle

And what’s even MORE important than locking in that 63% discount…

Is having total peace of mind…

Knowing you have all the support you need to live without pain for the next 6 months.

That’s HALF a year…

Of looking forward to getting out of bed each morning…

your days…

And creating priceless
new memories with the people
you love…

Because you’ve finally
STOPPED your pain from dominating
your life.

That’s why, if it’s at all possible for you…

I Strongly Suggest You Take the 6-Bottle Package.

This way, you will lock in
the biggest possible savings
AND secure the greatest
possible relief.

But regardless of which option you go with…

When you click the button below this page to order the 6-bottle package or whichever package is right for you…

You aren’t risking an actual DIME.

Because when you try Flexafen™ today…

Your Order is FULLY PROTECTED By a 365-Day, 100% “Ease The Pain” Money-Back Guarantee!

365 Days Money Back Guarantee

At Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us.

Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you're 100% satisfied, or your money back.

You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. Give Flexafen a try and see the difference it would bring to your life.

If at any time you are not happy with Flexafen, just send back your empty bottles and we will refund you immediately.

No questions asked.

We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

And yes, that is EXACTLY what it sounds like.

You don’t have to go looking for any weird fine print…

Because you won’t find it.

The bottom line is…

The team at N-Labs and I FULLY stand by ALL of our research-backed formulations.

We Know the Real, Peer-Reviewed Science That Goes Into Our Formulas…

So we have FULL CONFIDENCE that Flexafen is going to deliver great results to you.

We know that as long as you try Flexafen™ and allow its powerful ingredients to work FOR you…

You’re going to be amazed by the results.

Remember, not only will they stop your body from attacking your very own joints…

The pain-combating ingredients in Flexafen™
will also:

  • Soothe your painful inflammation
  • Ease your stiff joints
  • And repair your damaged cartilage

You’re going to be shocked at how much better you feel…

And how much more you’re able to do…

Without feeling like a prisoner in your own body.

We’re talking about life-changing results...

Which we confidently expect for you.

And That’s Why We’re Letting
You Try Flexafen for a FULL YEAR,

That means you have NOTHING to lose here.

All you have to do is just give Flexafen™ a try…

Just doing this will PROVE that everything I’ve told you today is the absolute, science-backed truth.

Then you’ll either FINALLY free yourself from your chronic pain

Or you can contact us…

And simply send back any unused bottles to us, for a prompt 100% refund of your order.

No questions asked. No hard feelings.

Either Flexafen™ helps you to put your pain behind you…

Or we don’t DESERVE your money.

We’re Also Throwing in Some Amazing Pain Relief Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

“Overcoming Arthritis: How to Keep Your Independence and Relieve Joint Pain”

and it retails for $39.

With so many products and pills out there that promise to heal your joints…

It’s hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to arthritis.

This is why N-Labs created this special bonus guide.

Inside, you'll learn...

  • The true cause of your pain (without sitting at the doctor’s for hours)
  • Which type of arthritis you have, and how to tailor a treatment plan that best suits your needs
  • Tricks of the Trade: Get insider secrets about the latest medical treatments and therapies, so you can make better informed decisions about your care

And most importantly…

  • Overcome your joint pain, and keep your independence

You’ll be MORE informed than 92% of the population, after you go through this guide.

It usually retails for $39…

But today, we’re giving it to you for FREE when you order the 3- or 6-bottle packages of Flexafen™.

Bonus #2:

“5-Minute Massage: Quick & Simple Exercises to Reduce Tension, Stress & Pain”

and it retails for $39.

You’ll discover the astonishing art of self-healing through meridian therapy and massage in this revolutionary guide.

Using just 5 minutes a day, you’ll be able to RELIEVE tension in your body, ELIMINATE stress and REDUCE pain…

These massages are the equivalent of 5 relaxing hours in a spa—but you ONLY need 5 minutes.

Just like the first bonus, this guide normally retails for $39…

But today, it's yours for free when you choose the 3- or 6-bottle packages of Flexafen™.

Bonus #3:

“The World’s Easiest Stretches for Pain: 3-Minute Gentle Movements to Relieve Your Hips, Back & Knees”

and it retails for $39.

This stretching guide reveals a revolutionary way to erase pain from your hips, back and knees…

WITHOUT any exercise.

The gentle movements in this guide are painless, and require practically ZERO effort on your part.

Yet, after following the simple instructions, you’ll be able to reduce short-term muscle pain and tension QUICKLY…

And improve your range of motion, flexibility, and posture EASILY.

Remember: This is not exercise.

The movements:

  • Require only seconds to do…
  • Don’t make your muscles sore…
  • Are gentle and completely safe…
  • Can be done by people of all ages…

And they don’t make you tired.

In fact, they’re designed to increase circulation, boost mobility and provide your body with renewed energy.

This indispensable guide retails for $39…

And just like the 2 bonuses above, it’s yours free when you get the 3- or 6-bottle packages of Flexafen™.

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle

To Summarize, When You Choose the Multi-Bottle Packages, You’ll Save as Much as 63% On Flexafen

AND you’ll also receive an extra $117 in bonus guides!

But of course, DON’T feel pressured to get these guides.

They’re there as a complementary resource for folks who order the 3- or 6-bottle packages of Flexafen™.

And the only reason I’m throwing these bonuses in for free, is to match your commitment.

So the ONLY thing you have to lose here is literally your pain and discomfort.

It doesn’t matter how skeptical you are, either.

I EXPECT you to be skeptical. I expect you to have doubts.

Because I know how frustrated and fed up you are with trying different solutions that HAVEN’T worked for you.

But That’s What I’ve
Dedicated My Life To.

Helping people just like you…

Folks whom mainstream medicine has FAILED…

Men and women who are on the verge of losing hope…giving up…and ACCEPTING a life filled with pain.

And there was a time when I wouldn’t have been ABLE to help you.

There was a time when I couldn’t even help my own mother.

Because I didn’t have the answers back then.

But thank God…that time has passed.

The science has finally caught up.

And you’re no longer doomed to living a life filled with pain.

You can change your life TODAY.

Like Jan…

“My doctor recommended this…”

“This was actually recommended to me by my personal doctor. After about 2 weeks of taking it, I noticed a really huge change in my knees.

I could walk much better, and sitting for long periods didn’t hurt like before. I can’t recommend this enough!”

- Jan Barry, 81 (Arizona)

And Ben…

“I can finally quit Tylenol.”

“Relieves stiffness, soreness and pain in knees... Good product—started working after about 7–10 days of usage...

I now do not use any acetaminophen for arthritis pain!”

- Ben Murray, 61 (Kansas)

And Sara…

“I could barely walk
before taking this…”

“I could barely walk before taking it. Now, I do yard work, and even weed eat!

I have tried at least 10 or 15 other products—none of them worked; this is the only one that does.”

- Sara Peterson, 73 (Kansas)

And Heather…

“Getting old is not for sissies…
this helps.”

“THIS is worth the money you pay.

Sooner or later, you will start to feel aches, and in some cases, severe pains in those joints. Try it!

Within 7 days, I felt an incredible difference. I can finally garden again. I mean, getting old is not for sissies, and this definitely helps.”

- Heather Brandon, 79 (California)

It’s also done wonders for Mark…

“Only the 4th day, and no pain.”

“I have tried many products to alleviate knee pain and have ALWAYS been disappointed.

Nothing I took worked; knee sleeves and braces didn’t help.

My right knee feels like bone on bone. It was getting harder and harder to walk daily, even with a cane.

I was almost not going to try this product since everything else failed for me. But I am so happy I tried it.

Just took my 4th pill, and I cannot believe how much better my knees feel, especially the worse one, which is the right one.

Only the 4th day, and no more pain. It's like a miracle, and I am not getting paid to say this.

I would highly recommend this product—if it can help my knees, I am sure it can help anyone. TRY IT—IT REALLY IS A GREAT PRODUCT.”

- Mark Pernice, 71 (Florida)

And Cindi…

“I have 0 pain!”

“Discovering this product has changed my life!!

If I take it every day, and sleep with a pillow under my legs, I have 0 pain!

I thought my knee was destroyed but this has made me stronger and more mobile. Now, I can stay up with the grandkids! Yay!! Thank you!”

- Cindi, 65 (Idaho)

And let’s not forget John...

“I was skeptical.”

“I was skeptical, but my knee pain was at a level where nothing was working, so I thought I’d try this before considering surgery.

After reading reviews, I was prepared to be patient and to stick with it for a few weeks. At the 3-week mark, I could finally stand up without pain.

Now, I'm on my second bottle in Week 5, and the stiffness is also improving.

While pricey, my pain relief is worth the cost.”

- John Haw, 71 (New York)

Now, It’s 100% Your Choice
Whether or Not You Escape That Pain Prison You’re Trapped In.

  • You can pretend you’ve never read this page.
  • You can pretend that you haven’t seen all the irrefutable science I’ve shown you today.
  • You can go back to jumping from patches to pills and hoping that your pain magically disappears…

Even though deep down inside, you know it won’t. Because none of those treatments actually address the real cause of your pain.

Or You Can Make a
Different Choice.

A smarter choice. An easy choice.

You can choose to put your pain behind you—once and for all.

And you don’t even have to say yes to Flexafen™, to make that happen.

All you have to do is say “MAYBE”.

Just click the button below…

Choose the 6-Bottle
of Flexafen

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

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1 Bottle


per bottle

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6 Bottles


per bottle

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per bottle

Or whichever package is right for you.

When you have made your selection, you will be taken to our fully-secure, fully-encrypted order page…

The same kind of webpage you’d use to make a purchase on Amazon.com.

Just fill out the details required on that page…

And we’ll ship your package of Flexafen™ to you right away.

You’ll Have a FULL YEAR From the Time of Your Purchase to Decide Whether or Not Flexafen is Right for You.

That’s a full year of jumping out of bed each morning…

Feeling footloose, relaxed, and pain-free.

That’s a full year of never having to stress over simple tasks like getting dressed, or climbing stairs, or carrying groceries.

A full year of being able to walk…
And drive…
And golf…
And garden…
And play with your grandkids…

With a SMILE on your face.

There’s No Reason This Year
Can’t Be One of the BEST Years of
Your Entire Life.

That’s the reality that Flexafen can offer you.

AFTER THAT, you can decide whether or not I was right.

But the truth is, you aren’t going to NEED a full year.

Because Flexafen™ has been specifically formulated to work FAST.

It’s been formulated to bring you RAPID relief from your pain, and SWIFTLY reduce your stiffness and inflammation.

So within a matter of days…

You’ll realize that trying Flexafen™ was one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made.

And I’ll be looking forward to receiving your testimonial…

Telling me how you feel much better and how much more you’re enjoying life.

But if you want to make this happen…

You have to act fast.

Because remember, Flexafen™ is the only proprietary formulation that contains:

  • The most heavily-researched…
  • The highest quality…
  • The purest…
  • And the most potent pain-relieving ingredients known to man.

And every bottle of Flexafen™ is manufactured right here in the United States at a GMP-certified facility...

With the strictest possible standards.

So there are no shortcuts in our production process.

Which means…

When We Run Out of Flexafen,
It Can Take Us Quite a While Before We Get More in Stock.

As the word on Flexafen ’s efficacy
continues to spread…

And the success stories continue to roll in…

Keeping Flexafen™ in stock is becoming quite a challenge.

So don’t risk missing out. Don’t lose your chance to live pain-free.

Click the button below to secure your 6-bottle supply of Flexafen™…

Or whichever package is right
for you WHILE we still have Flexafen™ available.

Remember, the REGULAR price of Flexafen™ is $89 a bottle.

But when you act right now…

You Can Secure Your Own
Bottle of Flexafen for
as Low as $33.

1 Bottle

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6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


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Best Value

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per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle

Don’t Forget, You’re
Also Getting the
3 Bonuses Worth $117.

Here they are again:

  • “Overcoming Arthritis: How To Keep Your Independence And Relieve Joint Pain”
  • “5-Minute Massage: Quick & Simple Exercises To Reduce Tension, Stress & Pain”
  • “The World’s Easiest Stretches For Pain: 3-Minute Gentle Movements To Relieve Your Hips, Back & Knees”

All three are yours to keep, when you get the multi-bottle packages of Flexafen™.

This is an amazing deal which you’ll likely never see again.

And you risk NOTHING by taking this deal…

Because you’re fully protected by our 365-Day, 100% “Ease Your Pain” Money-Back Guarantee.

That means either Flexafen™ works for you…

Or it doesn’t cost you a dime.

But I’m Very Confident
It Will Work for You.

Just like it’s worked for thousands of others like you.

All you have to do is give it a chance.

Click the button below…

Choose the package of Flexafen™ that’s right for you…

And break free from your pain prison forever.

1 Bottle

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3 Bottles


per bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, hi… still here?

I understand we covered a lot today…

So just in case you missed anything important, let me go over a few of the common questions we get about Flexafen™.

Flexafen™ is formulated for anyone who is sick and tired of wasting years of their life dealing with chronic pain.

That pain can be in...

Your neck
Your back
Your shoulders
Your elbows
Your wrists
Your hands
Your hips
Your knees
Your ankles
Your feet…

It doesn’t matter where.

Because Flexafen™ is designed to address a little-known cause of chronic joint pain called “Leaky Joint Syndrome”.

Basically, it stops your body from attacking its own joints…

Thereby reducing nasty inflammation…

Allowing you to heal and repair your joints…

So you can finally escape that pain.

Most people who discover Flexafen™ have tried numerous pain relief solutions which were frustrating and disappointing with their lack of results.

But Flexafen™ is different.

Because it works in a unique way, and addresses a REAL problem that most other joint pain solutions have ignored.

Next question…

This is a great question and I completely understand if you’re skeptical.

I expect you to be skeptical.

Especially if you’ve been let down by other pain relief products in the past.

But the literal reason Flexafen™ was created…

Was to help people like you who are close to giving up and doubt that they can even BE helped.

Flexafen™ is based on REAL science that helps you FINALLY address a common cause of joint pain that’s been overlooked for too long.

So yes, Flexafen™ really works.

It’s worked for thousands of people.

And I’m confident it will work for you too.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL YEAR to try it.

So if it doesn’t work, you can send back any unused bottles for a prompt and full refund.

Next question…

This is another good question…

And the truth is…

It will differ from person to person depending on how much joint damage and inflammation they have at the moment.

That said, Flexafen™ is designed to work FAST. And many people who try Flexafen™ often notice a dramatic reduction in pain within the first 5 days.

Which makes sense…

Since this amount of time is similar to what we’ve seen during the clinical trials of our star ingredients.

But either way, all you have to do is try Flexafen™.

I’m very confident you’ll be happy with the results...

Or you can return it to us for a full and guaranteed refund.

Next question…

Flexafen™ contains the highest-quality, REAL research-backed ingredients, from some of the most trustworthy suppliers on the planet.

Inside each capsule of Flexafen™, you’ll find:

Collavant n2® Undenatured Type II Collagen

Also known as the “Peacemaker Protein”

Its signature triple helix structure allows it
to enter your body undetected to STOP
your body’s immune system from attacking your joints.

Boswellia Serrata Extract

A patented synergistic blend of proprietary extracts that come from the sacred Boswellia plant, AprèsFlex® has been shown in THREE separate, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies...

To reduce pain, stiffness, and inflammation and provide life-altering results in as quickly as 5 days.

Plus to maximize Flexafen™’s pain-stopping power…

We also included:


MSM was featured in the medical journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage

Because of its ability to significantly reduce joint pain and swelling in adults between the ages of 40 and 76 without any adverse effects.

Sodium Hyaluronate

This more efficient, deeper-penetrating form of Hyaluronic Acid

  • Can reduce joint inflammation
  • Restore lubrication to dehydrated joints
  • And even promote the synthesis of
    NEW cartilage

White Willow Bark Extract 4:1

This is a POWERFUL natural pain reliever known to help silence:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Osteoarthritic pain

Without the side effects that accompany drugs like aspirin, and other anti-inflammatories.


A naturally-occurring mineral that reduces inflammation-causing enzymes, soothes the pain, and eases the stiffness of troubled joints and even stimulates healthy bone growth and cartilage regeneration.

Together, these research-backed ingredients work hand in hand to provide rapid relief from nasty joint pain.

Next question…

It’s very simple.

  • Just take one easy-to-swallow capsule of Flexafen™ in
    the morning…
  • With a nice tall glass of water…
  • Then RELAX…

Knowing that you’ve given your body the help it needs to ease your pain, and support strong, healthy joints.

Next question…

Well, first of all, there is NO REASON to think that Flexafen™ won’t work for you.

Because every ingredient in Flexafen™ has been rigorously tested during clinical studies…

And shown to produce pretty amazing results.

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So you have nothing to lose—except your pain.

Final Question…

Trying Flexafen™ is simple. All you have to do is click on one of the packages below this section.

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Remember, You Aren’t
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Because you’re fully
protected by our 365-Day,
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6 Bottles


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Those are Some of the
Common Questions I Receive About Flexafen

And hopefully your question was answered
there so you have a better understanding of
how it is going to help you.

But honestly…

The BEST way to find out how amazing Flexafen™ really is and how it can change your life is by actually TRYING Flexafen™.

Because it’s one thing to tell you about how Flexafen™ can get rid of
the pain, reduce the swelling, and alleviate the stiffness in your inflamed joints.

But it makes more sense to let Flexafen™ ACTUALLY help you so you can EXPERIENCE its sweet, soothing relief for yourself.

This is why I’m inviting you to just give Flexafen™ a TRY so you can actually FEEL what it’s like to:

Get out of bed each morning feeling footloose, limber, and healthy...

Go take a walk around your neighborhood and truly enjoy your surroundings...

Without having to grimace, and grind your teeth, with every step.

Continue to GROW as a person
and pick up hobbies like golfing,
or gardening, or even playing
the guitar.

Embrace your golden years without worrying about pulling something that’s going to put you out of commission for a week.

Witness the pure, surprised joy on your grandchildren’s faces when you start rolling around
on the floor to ACTUALLY play
with them...

Like they’ve secretly been hoping you could, for years.

That’s Right… Now,
YOU Will
Get to Be the
FUN Grandparent.

I know it might sound
like it’s out of
your reality.

But all of this—and more—IS possible for you. You don’t have to be a victim of your pain anymore.

You can TURN OFF your pain and press the “PLAY” button on your ACTUAL life.

Flexafen™ can MAKE this happen for you.

As long as you give it a chance, it WILL happen for you. No matter HOW many doubts you have right now.

Because this is the beautiful thing about Flexafen™:

  • It doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not.
  • It doesn’t rely on the placebo effect to bring
    you results.
  • It is supported by REAL, evidence-based science.

You can be extremely skeptical and it makes zero difference…

Because as long as you try Flexafen™ — you’re going to have that one key moment. That moment which signifies endless possibilities…

That moment when you’ll realize…

Wait a minute… Something feels different. The pain I’ve been carrying around with me for years doesn’t feel as bad anymore.

In fact... if I hadn’t gotten so used to it, I might not even know it was still here. Oh my god… Kevin, was right!

Now… I can’t tell you WHEN this is going to happen.

Some people notice a dramatic difference within a matter of days. Others might take two or three weeks.

But This Isn’t a Race.
This is Your LIFE.

And as long as you keep
taking Flexafen, there’s going to be a point when the relief kicks in for you…

And all I wish… is that I could be there when it happens...

Just so I can see the smile on your face.

Because when
you’re going for a relaxing walk with your spouse…
Or playing with your grandkids…
Or cooking for your whole family for the first time in years—without any pain…

And you’re able to really SHOW UP and be present for the people you love, you’ll realize that I was telling you the truth.

I didn’t let you down.

And More Importantly, You Didn’t Let Yourself or Your Family Down.

Because you saw the opportunity to change your life…

You saw your one chance to break free from the ball and chain of your nasty joint pain…

And you took that chance. You took ACTION. And because of that, you DESERVE the rewards of feeling relaxed, comfortable, and at ease in your own body.

That’s something nobody can EVER take away from you.

So let’s make it happen.

Scroll below this page right now and choose the 6-bottle package of Flexafen™ or whichever package is right for you…

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Your Entire Order is
Protected by Our 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

So if you decide Flexafen
isn’t right for you, you can get a full and fast refund whenever you request it.

That’s the WORST case scenario.

But the BEST case scenario… is absolutely life-changing. It’s waking up in a body that actually WORKS again.

I can’t wait for you to experience that.

So if you’re ready to get started, click the button below and choose the package that’s right for you so we can send your supply of Flexafen™ to you right away.

But if you still have more questions about Flexafen™, that’s ok too. We’re here to help.

You Can Contact Our
Customer Support Team at
1-800-856-5587, Any Time.

We’re available 24/7. And we have real, LIVE human beings standing by, ready to help you.

So if you need assistance placing your order, don’t be shy to reach out to us. But if you’re ready to go…

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Because You Have That Chance
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You’re fully protected by our
100% Money-Back Guarantee.

So click on the package that’s right for you below…

Fill out your details on our secure order form, so we know where to send your shipment of Flexafen™ and I’ll be waiting to hear all about the amazing relief Flexafen™ is giving you.

Thank you for spending time with me today, my name is Kevin Richardson and I wish you a life full of health and happiness.

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

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per bottle

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